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Ad Optimized Website

If you use google ad sense service or any other ad services on your website, you can see sometimes any kind of advertisement adjusts to anywhere on the screen. Sometimes it looks hazy and uncomfortable for users. We make your website fully ad optimized and ad friendly. Thus user don’t have to use ad blocker services on your website. It will improve your revenue. You will have a great feature with our website. On which you can place ads on desires location on every webpage. We can make it for you. Just make a call to us on 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Android & iOS Application

Now days everyone has website for his business. Does your business have website and it boost your business? Its the correct time to have an app for it. Even if you have mobile website or a responsive website. It will take few seconds to load. Sometimes it may take minutes too. Thus your regular customer will frustrate to open it again and again if he visits regularly. To solve this problem you must have an android or iOS app. These days having an android phone is common and many of us uses iPhones which comes with iOS plateform. We can make an app for your business with your desired features. You just have to call us at 9660-740-704 of mail us at

b2b, b2c & c2c Websites

b2b websites usually stands for business to business websites for example You can have your own website like this. In these websites if you are a business man you can contact to another businessman for desired product to purchase that product in bulk. While in b2c website. you can contact directly to customer or customer can directly contact to you. B2c stands for business to customer. Similar to that you can have your website for c2c that means customer to customer such as To have your website like this you can call us at 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS service is that service which allows you to send promotional SMS to your customers. ScriptGiri provides you the SMS in affordable prices in Ajmer. We also offers Bulk SMS services in all india. Our automated system doesn’t allows you to send SMS on DND activated numbers. We provide you a portal on which you have to save desired mobile numbers on which you want to send messages. If you try to send SMS on DND activated numbers. Your message wont be send and money wont deduct from your account. For more information Call us on :9660740704 or mail us on

Business Email

We provide you business email which means you can get email like with the capacity of 25 users and each user will get 5GB of space for business email. There are many more facilities included with this feature such as mail forwarding, custome login url such as You can also integrate that email to your phone. Why should you use when you can use

CMS/Wordpress/Magento/Opencart etc.

eCommerce websites with feature of b2b, b2c, c2c, c2b may be based on opensource php framework which are opencart, magento. CMS contains predesigned files for mostly any kind of business such as content writing, blog writing etc. We just have to configure it according to your needs. We are best at it al lowest price. Want to know more? call us at 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Domain Name

Domain name means your identity or website url on internet such as We provide you domain name on absolutely free for a year if you purchase a good hosting  plan with us. We also provide additional services such as domain forwarding, domain theft protection, SSL certificates, Privacy lock & Lots of more features along with it. Don’t think more call us at 9660-740-704 or mail us at

eCommerce Websites

Do you have large number of products?

Do you want to sell them online?

Get your own website now!

On your eCommerce website you can sell your products online. It will be professional website on which each product will have its own price including or excluding shipping charges, VAT tax and lots of more feature.

Third party eCommerce websites charges most for their services sometimes they charges you on every transaction by percentage. Call us on 9660-740-704 have your own website like them and sell your own products. email us at

Mobile Optimized Responsive Website

Desktop website doesn’t looks great on mobile phones. Sometimes it opens a very large page which is not compatible for every mobile. For this solution we designs your website with the feature of responsiveness. It means your website will be automatically re size according to your screen. No matter weather you are using a small size phone, a tablet, a phone with large screen, or if you are using it on laptop or computer. If you don’t need responsive website we can create a mobile website separately. Just call us on 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Photo & Video Gallery

With ScriptGiri you can integrate image and video gallery into your website and provide it an attractive look. It can be your photo album, your business portfolio, an image slideshow. You can choose effects from various kind transactions. Gallery is an attractive part of a website which can be a showcase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization which is generally known as SEO helps your website to achieve global rank very fast as well as if you have good traffic we can integrate meta data, keywords, meta content according to data of your website which will help your website to be on very first page on google, yahoo, bing and so many more. If your website will be on first page it will get more clicks and popularity if you have good content you can also earn from advertisements. For more information you can also call at 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Social Media Community Website

Do you have a group, a community? Want them on a single place? Some users don’t use social networking website because they need users with desired interests. You can have them on your website. We can make a community website for you. Or if you want your own social networking website we can make it for you. You can also earn revenue by putting ads on it. Just call us on 9660-740-704 or mail us at

Social Media Integration

In ScriptGiri, We also provide social media integration which include integration with facebook, google, twitter, youtube, whatsapp, instagram and lots of more which you like. We can also integrate likebox, tweet box, like count, tweet counts, followers and so on thus your users can follow your social accounts directly by your website. Just call us on 9660-740-704 or mail us at to get this free facility.

Web Hosting & Web Space

Web hosting stands for web space which we provide you with cpanel, filemanager, DNS manager and lots of more services.Its also known as server. We provides cheaper & best web hosting services in Ajmer according to your needs it is available for

1 year

2 year

3 year

5 year

Website Development/Designing


  • ScriptGiri Provides Services Related To Websites And Softwares On Cheapest Price In Ajmer.
  • We Provide Services On Desired Time.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • All Websites We Designs Are By Default Mobile Ready.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With Every Website.
  • Image/Video Gallery
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact From.
  • Site Map.
  • Design Selection.
  • Image Slider.
  • Google Map Integration.
  • Search Column.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Domain Name.
  • CMS/Wordpress/Opencart/Magento and Many More PHP Framework.