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If you have a small business where you don’t need internet and cant work on websites due to connectivity issues so ScriptGiri also develops desktop applications which could run on your desktop computer or on your laptop. We can develop these softwares through ASP.NET & JAVA. Although you can also integrate them to your website.

Some types of softwares we develops are… ScriptGiri also develops software according to your need.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel management system is a perfect software to manage your hotel staff

as well as hotel rooms, customers, food & accommodation facilities..


School Management Software

School management system is very useful for you if you face trouble to manage staff & students.


Employee Management Software

Employee management system can be useful to manage staff of your office & business.


Salary Management Software

It can be useful to calculate outstanding balance or to manage salary which are given to your employees.


Shop Management Software

You can save the delivered products in this system and can check

how many products sold as well as you can also check how many

products are out of stock and manage those products and calculate

profit & loss easily.


Billing Management

with invoice management system you can generate, modify,delete invoices including logo of your business and VAT tax and so on.


Ticket Booking Management

Ticket management system can be useful parking management

and also in Cinemas with logo, label & price.


Reservation Management

Reservation management system can be very useful if you have business like hotel, cinema etc. You can use this to reserve seats and rooms.


Library Management

Do you have a school? it have a library? Yes, this library management

system is made for you. You can add information of books and readers too.


Travel & Tourism Management

If you have business of travel in which you use buses or other transport system this travel & tour management system can be very useful for you. You can also manage seats, invoice, prices, customers and so on.